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Tea Leaf & Tarot Readings

Interested in a reading?

Here at Artemisia we offer the classic Tarot card reading, as well as the more botanical focused, Tea Leaf readings. Both options will utilize the teachings of Tarot to give a well-rounded message that holds relevance to your life's current path. Tarot readings tend to reveal current life events that need more attention or guidance. The cards tend to be more blunt in their delivery of their message but they are a useful tool nonetheless to look at our life through a different lens. Tea Leaf readings offer a more well rounded, yet unpredictable, message that is meant to touch on many aspect of our lives; past, present, & future. These readings are considered unpredictable because you'll never know the way the leaves will form and how much information will be revealed in the cup. This allows us to use both Tea Leaf and Tarot methods in these readings to get a more defined message as a whole. Whichever reading you decide, we strive to give you a comfortable and informative experience that can enrich your life.

Our Services

15 Minute Tarot Reading - $35.00

30 Minute Tarot Reading- $60.00

20 Minute Tea Leaf & Tarot Reading - $50.00

If you are interested in any readings we recommend that you call ahead to schedule an appointment in advance to ensure your spot. You can reach us from 10am - 6pm at (978) 745-0065. 

Our Reader

Our current in house reader is A.J. Mariano, an Intuitive Green Witch who has been interpreting messages for years. His great-grandmothers on both sides read playing cards, tea leaves and coffee grounds. Unfortunately they past away when he was very young however he grew up hearing the stories of their gifts and was inspired to carry the family torch. His tarot skills are mostly self taught through research and experience since he was young. He's been trained in the art of Tea Leaf reading by the intuitive psychic Marsha Nickerson. A.J. incorporates aspects of witchcraft and energy techniques into his readings to give a more intuitive lead message. He also teaches witchcraft classes through the shop and will travel within the North Shore area for private classes & events.