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About us

More than just an Herb Retailer in Salem, MA



In 1997, Artemisia Botanicals began selling organic herbs to meet the needs of the community. Later, we expanded to offer other products, such as herbal teas, spell candles, incense, handmade soaps and gifts. As a leading herb retailer in Salem, MA, we have products for everyone. 

Variety of Herbs

Our shop is filled with the beautiful fragrances from the many organic herbs we carry, including:

· Flower Essences

· Essential Oils

· Tinctures

· Salves

· Soaps

It is Simply Magical

While the esthetic of many of our products will exceed your expectations, there’s more than meets the eye with magical gifts as well. The power to change the atmosphere of a room lies not only in how an object looks but also in the energy it contains. Some items are imbued with a sense of whimsy and bring joy to the space. Some have a more serious tone and can settle the room with their gravity. What you choose to add to your home depends on the feel you want and your interior design. There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to products that hold magical properties; it’s up to you how to use the products we supply.


Our knowledge covers a broad scope, so talk to us about what you need. We can suggest quality-made magical gift items that will fit the bill perfectly. Our crafts are always exceptionally made, and their mystical properties will transform the ambiance of your home. Reach out to us for advice, ideas, and assistance when looking for an ideal new addition to your interior design. You won’t regret including a little bit of magic in your life!

What Customers Have to Say About Us

One of our many happy customers wrote to us, saying, “I always LOVE the smell of Patchouli. It reminds me of my hippie days when I was younger. And of course, the soap is always the best of all worldwide. Thank you!”


Another satisfied customer wrote, “I have been wearing your patchouli oil since you opened your store 24 years ago! What amazes me, besides the incredible scent, is how many times I am stopped and told how good I smell and asked what the scent is. It happens on the average of once a week and by men and women alike!”


Education About Plants and Natural Energies

Register for The Green Witch School of Herbalism to learn more about plants and natural energies. This nine-month course is offered yearly from March until November. Check out our Classes section in our online store to learn more about the school.

Stop in Today


Drop by our shop today to relax and stay for a spell. Bask in the aromas of oils and herb spices and enjoy the complex world that is Artemisia Botanicals.

Everyone comments on how great our shop smells because of all the herbs and oils we use every day. Experience and enjoy the complex world that is Artemisia Botanicals. There is something for every body, mind and spirit. 

Artemisia Botanicals

3 Hawthorne Boulevard, Salem, MA 01970

Open 7 days, Monday through Sunday

Hours: 10 AM - 6 PM