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Magickal Benefits of Botanicals

The Magical Benefits of Teas, Herbs, Spices, and Botanicals


Before the Industrial Age, organic botanicals, herbal teas, herbs and spices were commodities more valuable than gold.  


These items and other natural treasures can be found at our herb shop in Salem, MA.

The items we offer at Artemisia Botanicals can be used as part of the basis for healthy living.


Not only do we offer botanicals and herbs for daily use, but we also carry so much more.  You can find a full range of clothing, booksincense and many of our homemade candlessoaps and ritual products.   


The Magical Properties of Our Products



Your home is your sanctuary, and you want it to feel comfortable and safe. Our magical products can help bring peace and light into your space and fend off the negative energy that sometimes follows us home. If you’ve purchased a new house and need to cleanse the corners and rafters of lingering shadows, ask about our essential oilsincense, and divination items. We’d be delighted to steer you in the right direction based on the results you’d like to see.  

Once you’ve purged your home of any unwanted energy, we can help keep it away. Our magical artifacts will add beauty and light and can help ward off ill fortune and evil spirits. We invite you to explore our selection of incensecandles, and oils to infuse your home with mood-enhancing scents that soothe and relax.

We even carry Witch Balls! Which are beautifully crafted hand-blown glass products widely used for the last three centuries to capture negative energy and ward off evil. Hang one in your eastern window to catch the first morning light, and the delicately colored strands of the witch ball will capture any persistent negativity. Let us help you dust off any shadows and bring light into your life.  



Divination & Magic Books 

Following your own path to physical and mental health is always the right choice. You've come to the right place if you want to know more about the medicaments and tinctures that can enhance your life. Allow our selection of divination and magic books to be your guide on your journey to self-discovery and better health. Our book collection will supply enlightenment and information, whether you want to learn more about advanced aromatherapies or the art of casting spells.

When you increase your understanding of what the natural world can supply, you open the door to a healthier lifestyle. Reduce the number of manufactured chemicals that enter your home and body, and you’ll likely find yourself feeling better not only in body but also in spirit. Once you learn how to concoct remedies, you’ll see why countless individuals are now turning to herbal medicine to enhance their lives.

Learn what to look for and avoid from experienced authors who have published their knowledge for our benefit. You’ll gain insight into everything from botanical magic to dowsing techniques for beginners. Open your mind and spirit to all the possibilities divination and magic books have to offer; place your order with us today. 



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For some history on the Salem Witch Trials, check out Backstory with Larry Potash.