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Classes & Private Events

  Here at Artemisia Botanicals our hope is to engage with the community and provide a safe space to learn and grow. We will be offering classes monthly that will be posted to our website and social media pages. We hope you will be joining us and in the future we will be hosting Zoom classes as well for our patrons across the world! 

Current Classes:

Green Witch School of Herbalism: The Green Witch School of Herbalism is dedicated to the understanding and use of herbs and natural energies as a way to heal the body, mind, and spirit, while achieving optimal health and well-being.  This program is a journey into Gaia‘s green garden, and will last nine months, from March through November. It is a time to grow the seed of interest and education that are planted before you enter your training. While it is an immersive course of study, we hope it will be just the beginning of a lifetime, a relationship with plants and their gifts that they share with us. 


Foundations of Witchcraft: Open your eyes, take a deep breath, and take a step towards the craft of the wise! Witchcraft is both old and new with many branches and traditions. However at the heart of them all is a foundational principle of self empowerment. Learn the foundational practices of witchcraft and be confident in your ability to empower yourself to take a path that enriches your life and world around you. Once your eyes are open, they will never be closed again. Dare to learn & shape your own unique practice, and at the end of it all, you may call yourself a witch. This course will meet about twice a month for a year and a day.



Class Proctors: 


Teri Kalgren: Teri Kalgren is the owner of Artemisia Botanicals and has been working with herbs for over 40 years. She opened the shops doors in late April of 1997 originally on Pickering wharf, then later moving the shop to our current location on Hawthorne boulevard. Her goal is to create a safe and inviting environment for the exploration of both herbalism and witchcraft that locals and tourist alike can enjoy. Teri has received training and certifications from such instructors as Rosemary Gladstar, Tieraona Low Dog, Margi Flint, Jade Shutes, and Sage Mountain. Teri has been teaching The Green Witch School of Herbalism for over 24 years and is excited to continue sharing her passion for the power of herbs. Teri is delighted to teach others about the joy, empowerment, and self-care that comes with connecting to the plants around you. 


AJ preparing for a reading.

A.J. Mariano -

As an Intuitive Green Witch, A.J. has a passion for teaching anyone who wishes to explore The Craft. He’s been trained by witches and readers such as Teri Kalgren, Marcia Nickerson & countless others. He is experienced in many facets of the Craft including candle dressing, incense making, herbal magick, and more. He's constantly expanding his knowledge through research, joining classes, and experimentation. A.J. has taught countless classes on witchcraft and created custom classes and spells for private events. This year he has created a comprehensive beginners course into the craft called The Foundations of Witchcraft. This course will be through a more pagan lens and cover many topics including circle casting, candle magick, the wheel of the year, and more! As our reader, A.J. is well versed with tarot and tea leaf reading, where he incorporates aspects of energy work into his sessions. His honesty and integrity shows through his work. Although he is young he is wise beyond his years!


Maria in action creating a beautiful abundance arrangement.

Maria Eddows - With over 40 years of aromatherapy, florist, culinary, & cosmetic soap making experience, you'll learn how to create with care and intention.  Maria prides herself in creating products that help others through the holistic power of herbs and essential oils. She's trained through traditional education as well as personal research to find the perfect methods to create her line. Maria's also created her own line of CBD based products with her handmade Full Spectrum CBD Oil.  Along with holistic remedies, she also loves design, partially floral arranging. Her passion started at a young age growing up in a florist shop. Now as a spiritual practitioner she's tied symbolism into her designs, intuitively knowing how to transform the mundane wreath into an aromatic protection. Her expertise blended with her creativity is a recipe for unmatched beauty and purposeful healing. Come join one of Maria's classes or purchase one of her many handmade products at the shop today!


How to sign up:

  Simply give us a call from 10am- 6pm EST any day of the week at (978) 745-0065 and save your spot!

If you are interested in participating in or hosting a private event provided by the shops proctors please give us a call.